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The signs of a fake B1 English Test certification

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The B1 English certification is one of the most important requirements that needed to be met, by all of the applicants of the UK visa. However, due to the sheer numbers of applicants each year, there are so many fake B1 English Test service providers that have tricked so many applicants. Visit the britishlifeskills.com if you want to get the real and legal B1 English Test.

Therefore it will be a very good idea for you to know the signs of the fake test providers:

1. It’s unlicensed

If a B1 English Test service provider has no legal license, then don’t choose that one.

2. The process is too easy

Although getting the UK visa isn’t as hard as the USA visa, it’s still suspicious if the process is too easy. You don’t want to carry a fake certificate to the embassy, or you will be banned permanently from entering the UK.

3. The price is too cheap

Every B1 English test service provider has its own standard price. However, if it’s costed you with the laughable price, then leave it immediately.